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Ms Nasreen Kaadan

Cancer Information Program Manager

The SWS & SLHD Clinical Cancer Registry (CCR) is a patient based repository of agreed, notifiable cases of cancer that are diagnosed and/or treated within SWSLHD and SLHD public facilities from 1st July 2005. Registry activities are carried out in accordance with the Cancer Institute NSW (CINSW) Cancer Plan and the NSW Cancer Information Strategy.
A minimum data set (MDS) for clinical cancer registration is collected for each new case, along with some additional state-wide tumour specific data. The MDS comprises approximately 50 data items which include, but not limited to: Patient demographics, disease diagnosis information, disease staging, initial treatment received, access to care information and quality of care indicators. The SWS & SLHD CCR also collects a number of data set extensions, which can provide more in depth and clinically significant data items for specified tumour groups.
The SWS & SLHD CCR provides a quality cancer information source that can be utilised for improving patient care, service planning and delivery, clinical & epidemiological research and educational purposes.
Clinicians, researchers and data managers can apply to access and use the data held in the SWS&SLHD CCR but will require compliance with ethical and privacy legislation and policies.